Gary keeps a close eye on his horses & their riders at all times, but if you have some experience he will readily let you take your horse for a gallop down the beach. Nothing beats that! Rob

Beach rides

Our rides leave from our stables. The first half hour lets you get to know your horse whilst doing a slow walk to the beach. bridles On arriving at the beach, normally Doonside, we let the group decide if they want to go North or South, depending on the beach conditions. Fantasy We typically spend about an hour on the beach at a pace to suite the least experienced rider. I do however accommodate more experienced riders should they wish to pick up the pace. The route back may vary depending on which direction we rode. I can also accommodate riders that would prefer to meet the horses at the beach by arrangement.

School outings

Please feel free to contact Gary should you wish to give your class a tour of the stables, and teach the children how to care for horses. bridles Kids in cities today dont get that 'farm experience' that perhaps we used to have when we were kids.
Bring your carrots & apples and make a horse happy!


Stable management

black-horse Learning stable management at an early age is a useful skill. It also provides a valuable life skill regarding trust between the groom and his or her horse.
Grooming the horses and maintaining their stables provides a balance to the experience of horse riding.


Lessons can be arranged for riders of all ages and ability. These would include ring sessions as well as outrides. Saddles
Your never too old or too young to learn to ride a horse!


Take a look at our Gallery page to see what is possible! We cater for weddings, special occassions and any other horse themed photoshoots you would like to arrange. Note we do not supply a photographer, that would be by your own arrangement.
Get those special pictures taken for a lifetime of memories!